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People often ask how Greg and I co-write our songs. The truth is, we always start on our own, then at some point we'll invite the other into the process. Stepping in too soon, uninvited, is unwise. Do I start with the words or the music? I start with both. I need the cadence of the melody to inform the direction of the words... and I need the words to guide the melody.


Greg changes strings on all of our guitars religiously. Over the years, I've kept them all... they're just so interesting I couldn't throw them away. I started making dangle earrings about five years ago and just this year, I created a unique, new bangle braclet using strings and the ball ends of the strings - which, when removed from the string, are uniquely shaped brass beads. 


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I began working in clay in 2003 after taking a Creative Process Class to see how it would inform my songwriting, and I fell in love. I work in clay and mixed media - beads, semi precious stones and found objects, often guitar strings. From Joyful Goddeses to Spirit Bells to Symbol Pendants, my sculpture speaks of spirit, joy and possibility.


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Writing PR copy for most of my life has made me keenly aware of the blessing of brevity and the necessity of editing - which has been invaluable in my songwriting and translates well to our new 140-character world. I write a monthly music column and blog for Out & About Magazine and I'm available for writing assignments on a project basis.


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Marketing is both an art and a science - this is where my right brain and my left brain meet somewhere in the middle. I love finding and implementing the right approach to raise a client's idea to a new level. In addition to leading nonprofit Woodshed Music & Arts, I consult one-on-one with both creative artists and corporate executives to help them navigate the new world of social marketing.

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Starting my career in Silicon Valley, I've been fascinated with technology for such a long time I just can't stay away from it. I love figuring out how to use new tools, how to apply them to all of my work, and I love teaching others how to master these tools as well.



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Bev Barnett is a sculptor of words, music, objects and ideas.


Bev Barnett


As a singer-songwriter she’s written and recorded three CDs of original music with Greg Newlon. She’s served on the nonprofit boards of West Coast Songwriters and Folk Alliance Region West, is currently president of Woodshed Music & Arts, and she guides both creative artists and corporate execs through the maze of social marketing.